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The Designer

Couture Mantra by Kiran Lally, officially launched in 2013, signifies high end Indian Haute Couture. Couture Mantra - Kiran Lally has over 6 years experience in design. Kiran Lally is the first mainstream Indian fashion designer in Australia which brought a refreshing modern perspective in the fashion industry.



Within months, CM accomplished an Australian following which looked up to CM for their next outfit in Indian attire. From dressing the second generation dream girl, Esha Deol, to being formally invited to display their collection at Melbourne Spring Fashion week and Fashion Aid, its no wonder CM has accomplished a strong following. The CM philosophy incorporates creating exquisite garments. CM maintains there high quality by utilising rich fabrics produced worldwide, which adopt superior tailoring, intricate cuts, and delicate hand embroidery. They believe in moulding traditional designs with a refined modern perspective. 90% of CM garments are ‘Made in Australia.’ CM is committed to a 100% customer satisfaction. Above all, COUTURE MANTRA believes each garment created is an investment that can be passed on from generation to generation.